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KREEP Magazine, Interview with Anna Simonova

Established in London in 2021, ANASIM seeks to combine high fashion with loungewear. Initially inspired by the idea that being in your own home can be luxurious too, we began with the concept of using high quality silk, as both material and concept due to its tactile elegance.

Evolving from simply a loungewear brand, our timeless pieces seamlessly shift from your most intimate moments to those shared outside the home. The core philosophy of ANASIM is to inspire self-appreciation and self-care in every setting. Whether worn by themselves or styled with heels and a blazer, our garments aim to be adaptable for the everyday woman.

”Through the high standards of both the designs and materials, our mission is to elevate the self image of the ANASIM woman. We aim to provide our customers with high quality fashion garments as well as a feeling of empowerment.”

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